World's Biggest Collection of Strange and Dumb State Laws

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All cited laws are real and currently in effect, and have been verified for authenticity by practicing attorney Nathan Belofsky, Esq., the world's leading authority on strange laws.

  • In Iowa, it’s illegal for parents to exhibit deformed children in a circus
  • In California, it’s a crime to pickle a spiny lobster
  • In Walnut City, California, a man wishing to cross-dress must first obtain permission from the sheriff
  • In Tibet, monks wishing to reincarnate must first register with a government agency
  • In Everett, Washington, it’s a crime to exhibit a hypnotized person in a window
  • In Oregon, it’s illegal to strap children to the fender or roof of an automobile 
  • In New York City, election laws prohibit candidate nudity
  • In Minnesota, the length of a frog must be measured from the tip of his nose to the end of his toes
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  • European Union lifts ban on curvy cucumbers!
    (EEC) 1677/88
  • Prohibition on hunting humans repealed in New Hampshire!
    Fish and Game, Sec. 207.37
  • English court prohibits Stuart Hunt from clapping his hands slowly!
    Anti-Social Behaviour Act
  • Urine Farms now legal in Vermont, but Foreign Fats still taboo!
    Chapter 153, Foreign Fats Prohibited
  • Rule Against Perpetuities Still in Effect!
    New York EPTL, 9-1.1(b)